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The Great Mecha List

Before you delve into the depths of The Great Mecha List, two things to know: The pictures are rather low quality and small, to keep the page load lighter, and the game name is above the pictures, so don't get lost.


Silver Knights - A great mecha freeware game, one of my favorites. Very nice arcade style game with tons of content. It's still supported and being developed               (as of 8/3/2012). Has online multiplayer (with bots), mech color customization... Just play it. Up to 6 mechs per battle. 

Second Age - Great 3D mech space game. What Silver Knights would have been if it had more focus on space battles. Check out my website for it for more information and a manual! Video   My SA Website

Combat Heaven - One of the coolest games out there. You play as a little robot guy, and you fight off waves and waves of enemy tanks, missile trucks, other robots, giant robots, helicopters, and other machines they throw at you. You're a one man army, with customizable stats, weapons, and armors, and a trusty boost pack. Move at the speed of sound as you take on armies! Video

(Click /here/ for Combat Heaven NEXT. It's a much more cartoony Combat Heaven, and it's a really different, but it has real platforming and some upgrades/downgrades from 1.20) (And click /here/ for an awesome new prototype version of Combat Heaven that never came to finish... Rest in peace, Tonowi.)

Air Drive - A game resembling Virtual On (and does it quite well). 2 on 2 battle, online, and customizability capabilities. A bit of a language barrier, though. Video 

Virtual In 2 - 2D arena chibi mech battle game. Simple, yet fun. You can 'raise' your own robo in the main game. Video

Offensive Armor - Little game with mechs. Pretty simple. It has a special charm and place in my heart. The controls are so bad (figure them out yourself) that it's fun to try and play. Give it a try, really. It's funny and fun. Video

Frenetic - Rotary vertical mech shmup. Shoot 'em up, but you can turn and move around freely. Very simple. Video by Taz

Liberation Army - Great 2D top down view mech wars simulator. Pilot a commander mech and go into wars. Command your troops into victory, while also battling. Customize your mech and army a bit. Video

Gunhound - Fast paced 2D mech space combat. Fly around in 2D space with space physics. Very fun, give it a try. Video   Mirror

Cloudphobia - High speed 2D mech shoot'em up with excellent graphics. Instead of bombs, you have missiles, and an additional boost feature. Don't let enemies escape the screen. Video

Virtual X - Mech maze shooter game. You go around dungeons shooting stuff. In a mech. The below pictures, and the video are of an older version, the download link is a better and better-looking version. Video


Gun Arms - 2.5D arm-control mech shooter game (Up/Down controls your arm's aim). A hard game, but it's fun to blow stuff up. Mirror

Virtual Arms - Top down, 2D mech combat. Simple, classic-styled, but fun if you just play the versus mode that has all the mechs. Mirror

Astraea - Shoot'em up, switch between a ship or a mech on the fly. Pretty hard, but know how to use each form to destroy bullets and you're good to go. Video   Mirror

Age of Armor - Mech MMO game. It looks okay, haven't tried it yet, but it looks a little choppy and lots of grinding. Video by Taz

Botsu March - Like a fighting game. Demo. You feel more like a mech, and it's more on the 'blow-it-up' side, rather than fighting. Video

Ray Fusillade - Click on Ray Fusillade, and in the new page, there will be two buttons under a game picture. Both are different games based on the same concept. Simple freeflight shoot'em up games. Hint: If you encounter enemies with glowing red areas, get close and point your gun to it, after a few seconds, it will attach and you can use it as a weapon in unison with your own. RF Video

Mobafancy - A cool spherical chibi mech fighting game, nice music, too (uses music from other games, there's some familiar music). It's a bit like a 2D fighter with lots of projectile attacks and melee combos. Video

Windom XP - A great great quality third person shooter with an anime style to it, featuring online play. I hear it plays very similar to Gundam vs. Zaft 2. This game has been greatly updated, but all the newer versions are buy-to-play. It's called Ultimate Knight Windom XP. You can still play the free version I linked. It's a very solid game with online multiplayer. Video

Gigantic Gear - A 2.5D scrolling shooter. It has a pretty cool sense of scale, and is a pretty solid game. It's really tough though, and seems to have many issues with newer computers. Video


Astraia - This is a 3D mech duel game. Pick from a few mechs and fight an AI. Not too versatile in options but fun and fast paced. Simple and fun.

Armed Seven -  A 2D mech shmup. Basic stuff, but your mech can aim where you want to shoot and has a buildup meter to launch powerful waves of attacks. Video

Macross VOXP - This game is sweet stuff, and even playable online via LAN. 3D Macross game in space, switch freely between mech, mechjet, and jet, dodge or blow up missiles, spam your own missiles, blow stuff up, etc.. Great game. Video

One Surpassing - This is a pretty neat game. It looks really old but it was last updated 6/20 2010. It's a very solid shooter, and I really like the music. It's extremely basic, but somehow it's just really fun. Only problem is no strafing... Video


Flexible Arms -  Flexible Arms is, in simple terms, an Armored Core clone. It recreates it pretty well, the gameplay mechanics are a little different, obviously though. You can customize your mech with the same amount of options as AC, including the painting. Pretty impressive for a freeware game. I can't say much for it though as I can't run it well.

Rough Metal - Rough Metal is a... Rough looking top down 1 vs 1 mech shooter. Like GunHound, you circle around facing the enemy and shoot bullets. Or do an awesome mecha punch. It's a pretty cool game. Just looks rough. Video

Saint Paulia -  You control a mech and walk around, shooting another mechs. It's pretty funny... The enemy mech runs around shooting empty space. It's more like targetpractice.The mech model is pretty cool. Arrow keys move, spacebar shoots, and ctr shoots a rocket. Ctrl is stage select in the menu. Video

Metal Suit - I kinda like this one. Its a very basic looking shooter, like a 3rd person view shmup, you're constantly going and you have to dodge slow bullets. The twist is you move with keys, and aim/shoot with the mouse. Left click fires your machine gun, and right click fires missiles. Video


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